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Interesting Tribes


Kachin Tribes
Like the Azis and Lashis, Marus are supposed to have come to Myanmar by means of the Maykha branch of the Ayeyawaddy River, while Jinghpaws and Hkahkus came by the Maylikha route.

Kayin Tribes
When a girl is aged between five and nine, her neck is rubbed with ointment said to be made of dog fat, coconut milk and royal jelly, and the first neck ring is fitted.

Bamar Tribes
Then, a town was established in the region and named after the Dawei people, which now becomes the capital city of Taninthayi Division. Majority of the Dawei people are highly pious Buddhists and there can be found a number of pagodas, shrines and monuments in their region.

Shan Tribes
The main livelihood of them is weaving and farming like most of their Shan kinfolks. Their major produces are paddy, orange, potato and groundnut.