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Kachin Tribes


Azi, Maru and Lashi, the Kachin ethnic sub-groups, are believed to have migrated into Myanmar along the Tibetan and Chinese borders before either the Jinghpaw or Hkahku arrived.

The name Hkahku means ‘up river (people)'. They generally live to the north of the Jinghpaws, to whom they are closely related, in the Maylikha and Maykha valley areas.


Like their close Azi relations, the Lashi speak a dialect of Maru and are concentrated along the China-Myanmar border.

Lisu always choose inaccessible spots for their villages on ridges or mountain tops, hidden among thickets of fir and bamboos, in order that they can be easily defended.

Their dress and customs are not always distinguishable from other Kachins, but they have adopted more Myanmar words into their everyday language.

Around one million Nagas live in India, although some 100,000 inhabit the Patkai range in northern Myanmar.

Until today, Rawangs still live in some of the most remote valleys and mountains all over Myanmar, where few outsiders have ever visited.