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The Kachin reside in the northernmost region of Myanmar, bordering India and Tibet autonomous region of China, which is composed of highest mountains in the Southeast Asia region including Mt. Kakaborazi.

The Kachin and all the sub-groups originally migrated from Yunnan province in southwest China and occupied the great tract of hill-country in northern Myanmar around the headwaters of the Chindwin and Ayeyawaddy Rivers. Generally, it is thought that the Kachins were among the last of the Tibeto-Burman peoples to migrate into the country.

The Kachin people are good at and famous for their weaving of cloths and bags. A woven shoulder bag and a silver sword in a sheath are essential components of a typical Kachin man's dress while women decorate themselves with silverware that covers half of their trunks. Moreover, the Kachins have their own written language that is based on Roman alphabet. Although there remains spirit worship in some areas, the majority of Kachins have converted to Christianity during the last century. They celebrate a number of fetes and festivals throughout the year but the Manao is the biggest and most important of them, participated by all Kachin people.