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Musical Instruments - Brass Gong Circle (Kyei waing)


The brass gong circle or kyei waing as it is locally called, has 18 or 19 brass gongs in a circle similar to the drum circle. It is played to accompany the drum circle and the hne. Its sound is more melodious than the sound of the framed gongs (maun: saing). The player strikes the boss on the gong with a mallet. Two mallets are used for the two hands, and when required, the sound is dampened by the free fingers. The gong is tuned by adjusting the amount of beeswax attached inside the boss. The brass gong player is generally the number two man in the ensemble. The brass gong was called the "nari-sara" in Bagan days. The brass gong was one of the ten instruments of the Bagan period which has a special melody to itself, called kyei:thwa:.