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Pantamaw (Stone Sculpture)


Sculpture in stone is one of the finest of Myanmar's traditional crafts. This fine art pre-dates the Bagan era, and was well developed in the Pyu era. Magnificent stone sculptures were excavated at the old city site of Hanlin, at Shwe Bo township in upper Myanmar and at Srikshetra, near Pyay, in lower Myanmar.
The plaques depicting the life of Buddha found at the Ananda Pagoda, Bagan, are some of the finest stone sculptures in Myanmar.

The carving of Buddha images from stone has become an important craft because, after all, every pagoda, monastery, and household has at least one Buddha image.

Huge images of Buddha were carved out from big, single alabaster blocks. High quality marble is quarried from the Sagyin hills north of Mandalay. The most venerable alabaster image is the Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image at the foot of the Mandalay hill.

Another huge Buddha image was carved from a big high quality alabaster block from Sagyin hills, and enshrined at Mindhamma Hillock in Yangon. The image is named the Lawkachanthar Arbaya Labamuni Image.