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Traditional Costumes


Kachin Costumes
Kachin women adorn themselves with hand-woven clothes with flowery and checkered designs. A number of silver coins and studs are attached to their blouses.

Kayah Costumes
Their sleeveless blouses are normally black, covering only one shoulder. Red cloaks are worn over the blouses. Long white long shawls are tied around the waist with both ends hanging loose in front. They usually wear red or black longyis.

Kayin Costumes
Their longyis are with horizontal stripes and a parallel strip running in the middle. Kayin women dress themselves in long tunics and longyis, wrapping the head with headbands letting both ends hang in the front.

Chin Costumes
Chin women don themselves with longyis with horizontal stripes, diamonds or flower designs, that are long enough to cover their ankles. Their front-opened blouses having short sleeves with checkered designs along the edge are buttoned in the centre.

Bamar Costumes
Bamar women wear longyis and blouses with opening in the front, which are buttoned either in the centre or on the side. They make their hair into top-knots and keep lace shawls over the shoulders.

Mon Costumes
Mon women wrap their long hair around a comb and put on longyis and blouses that have front-opening buttoned in the centre.

Rakhine Costumes
They wear blouses with front-opening that are buttoned either in the centre or on the side. Their longyis are woven in beautiful designs usually consisting of horizontal stripes. A shawl is wrapped across the body passing over the left shoulder.

Shan Costumes
Their baggy trousers are usually made of khaki denim. Every Shan man wears a headdress. Shan women don themselves with longyis and blouses and wear headdresses as in the case of men.