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Rakhine (The Dance of Pilgrimage to the Sandaw Shin Pagoda)


Pagodas dot the top of most hills in the Rakhine State, and one of the most famous pagoda is the Sandaw Shin Pagoda, where a Buddha hair is enshrined. This pagoda was renovated by King Sanda Thuriya and was maintained by a succession of kings of various periods.

During the Mrauk-U period, Chief Queen Soemai, wife of King Phalaung, renovated the pagoda and she performed great acts of charity in honour of the occasion. A pagoda festival was also held.

The festival of the Sandaw Shin Pagoda is still held during the month of Nataw. The group dance invites other nationals of the Union to join the people of Rakhine State in the pilgrimage to the pagoda. The group dance is performed with traditional Rakhine songs to present the history of the pagoda.