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Hta-Ma-Ne Feast of Tabodwe`


Come Tabodwe` (February), the eleventh month of Myanmar calendar, Myanmar celebrates its harvest festival. All the products of the farm and garden are made into Htamane`, a concoction of glutinous rice, coconut slices, sessamum seeds, peanuts and a generous amount of cooking oil. The Htamane`feast is either celebrated communally or in a circle of family and friends.

The nature of the feast is such that it needs a lot of helping hands, and there is no dearth of volunteers. After the Htmane` is made it is taken to the pagodas and monasteries to be offered to the Buddha images and to the Sanghas. The rest is divided and shared amongst those who contributed labour, and friends in the community. Working collectively and sharing food together is a proud custom of the Myanmar people.