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Lights and Kahtein Offerings (Tazaungmone)


Tazaungmone (November) is a month full of festivities, starting off with a three-day light festival similar to Thadingyut on the full moon day period of Tazaungmone. The Tazaungdine Festival started as a folk celebration in pre-Buddhist times and originally there was no religious component in the festival.

The festival is a devotional offering to Kyattika, the third lunar mansion, and lights are offered to the fire god. But now there is a strong Buddhist element to the festival with the inclusion of the Kahtein (Kathina) ceremony, in which special robes and other gifts are offered to the monks. A Kahtein offering is considered as one of the most meritorious deeds. Another ceremony held on the full moon day of Tazaungmone is the weaving of robes (Matho-thingan). The robes are woven within the space of the night and offered to the Buddha image by dawn.