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Lot-Drawn Offering to Sanga (Wahgaung)


There is a saying that "Waso-Wahgaung, the rivers swell with rising billows". This saying refers to the fact that Wahgaung (August) is the month of heavy rain, and a busy month for paddy growers. Fields are ploughed and paddy is transplanted. The countryside is covered with fresh green paddy plants, as if an emerald carpet has been laid out across Myanmar.

Wahgaung is a month for alms giving by casting lots. Communal groups solicit donors to prepare alms bowls, one or more each, depending on the means and will of the donor. Each bowl is filled with a portion of rice meal with curry and accompaniments like sweets and fruits. Monks (Sangha) are invited to receive the bowls and lots are cast. This ceremony is called Sah-Ye-Dan-Pwe`.