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Ayeyarwaddy Division


Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival

This pagoda is situated at Maw Tin Zun, Ngaputaw Township in the Pathein District of the Ayeyarwaddy Divison. Maw Tin Zun is also called Nagayit Mountain, Tharana Mountain or Neibban Mountain. The pagoda is believed to have been built in Sakarit 103 by Zeyathena, the king of dragons, enshrining two hair relics of Buddha obtained from the two brothers Tapusa and Balika.

It was named Maha Makuta Yanthi. It was repaired by King Thiri Dhammar Thawka, the king who held the Third Buddhist Synod, and later, in Sakarit 457, King Alaung Sithu of Bagan renovated the pagoda and renamed it Phaung-daw-Oo pagoda. The pagoda festival is held in Tabaung (March) for 14 days around the full moon day. People from all over Myanmar country come to the festival.

Zalun Pyitawpyan Image Festival

In Maha Sakarit 113 the King and lay disciples of Rakhine cast the Maha Myatmuni Buddha Image in bronze and three more images were cast out of the surplus bronze. The fourth statue came to be known as the Man Aung Myin Statue. This statue was conveyed to Amarapura by the Crown Prince, son of King Bodawphaya, in Sakarit 1146. The image was housed in the front part of the royal palace and was called Nan-Oo Phaya. In Sakarit 1214 the statue was conveyed to Zalun by the Zalun headman U Shwe Pwint. The colonialists who had occupied lower Myanmar took the Image to England with the intention of using the bronze in their mint. According to legend they could neither melt it nor break it with hammers, and the Queen was said to have suffered nagging headaches and nightmares. She ordered that the statue be returned to the place from where it was taken.

But because the British could not remember the original site from where it was taken, they left it on a sandbank near Hinthada, and the people called it Padawmu Phaya - the image found on the sandbank. A tug-of-war over ownership took place between the citizens of Zalun and Hinthada, and Zalun emerged as the winners.

The image has been kept in Zalun ever since. In memory of its having been taken abroad and having been brought back, it became famous as the Man Aung Myin Pyitawpyan Image (the statue that was returned from abroad). This pagoda festival is held in Tabaung (March) for ten days around the full moon day.