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Chin National Day


This one-day festival is held in Haka (northern Chin State ) and in Mindat (southern Chin State ) on the 20th February. It is a popular holiday for the Chin, one of the major ethnic groups in Myanmar. Different Chin groups at both venues perform folk dances.

Naga Festival

The Nagas tribes live in the mountains, valleys and plains of one of the most remote regions on earth, in the northwest corner of Myanmar close to India. They live on both sides of the border.

Their New Year Celebration is from the 14th to 15th January, and held in one of the towns in Sagaing Division, either Layshi or Khamti. Tribes from all of Nagaland, from both the Indian side and the Myanmar side of the border come to the festival. On New Year day they have competitions involving traditional sports. The different Naga tribes, once fierce warriors, gather in their bright and exotic dresses and celebrate with endless drinking of rice wine, dancing and feasting on wild boar meat.