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Myathalun Pagoda Festival

The Magway Myathalun Pagoda is believed to have been built by Thubawga the philanthropist in the Maha Sakrit era. The original height was 52 ft, but it was extended to 82 ft by King Saw Lu of Bagan, enshrining 120 relics and seven gold Buddha images. When it was damaged by earthquake in Kawza Sakarit 1290, it was rebuilt to a height of 99 ft.

King Mindon gilded the pagoda in 1214 in the Myanmar calendar. The pagoda festival is held around the full moon day of Thadingyut for two weeks.

Kyaungdawyar Fish Feeding Ceremony

The Kyaungdawya pagoda is in Pwint Phyu, near Magway, and the festival is lengthy, held from mid July to the second week of October. It is a famous festival known as Fish Feeding Festival. People believe that hundreds of big fish, which can only be seen in July, came specially to pay homage to the pagoda.