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Thanakha - Grinding Event

This is celebrated in Sittway, the capital of the Rakhine State, on April 12 every year, the eve of Water Festival. In the early hours of the night young women damsels grind the bark and roots of thanakha, a scented wood, on rounded stone slabs to make a fine cream. Young men support the event with music and dance.

Image_Bathing Event

This ceremony is held on April 13 to clean the Buddha images with the aromatic thanakha cream made earlier by the women.

Shit Thaung Pagoda Festival

This 8 day festival is held at the pagoda's precincts in Mrauk-Oo, Rakhine State, around the full moon day of Kasone (May). The main pagoda was built in five tiers, surrounded by a variety of stone pagodas. This pagoda festival is similar to other pagoda festivals, but it also includes exciting traditional wrestling. Boat races and water splashing in the Mrauk Oo canal also occur on the full moon day.

Rakhine Spiritual Cliff Event

This event is held in Sittway on the 15th December. Women gather at the cliff where they believe the Guardian Spirit dwells. They stick yellow papers onto a boulder with banana paste.

Sandawshin Festival

This 6-day festival is held in December in the pagoda grounds at West Pha-yone-ga Island. The pagoda is dedicated to a renowned Rakhine Queen, Saw Me-kyi. According to legend any form that represents a tiger and an orchid cannot be taken into the pagoda precincts.