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  Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival

The Kyaik Khauk Pagoda is built on a hill on the road to the town of Kyauktan in Thanlyin, about a half-an-hour drive across the river from Yangon.

It is believed that Shin Khawlaka and King Sula Thirimar Thawka of Thaton built the pagoda to enshrine hair relics of the Buddha donated by King Asoka of India in the 124 Buddhist Era.

The pagoda festival is held around the full moon day of Dabodwe`(February). Evening entertainment includes Zats, Anyeints, and stage shows and movies are shown in the open air.

28 Buddhas Festival

It is common belief that 28 Buddhas, including the last Gottama Buddha, came into existence and passed onto Nibbana.

In the fair weather season, people hold the 28 Buddhas Festivals in various townships around Yangon and in most other parts of Myanmar, according to their own calendars. The images of the Buddhas are conveyed in a grand procession around the town for people to pay obeisance, accompanied by music and dances.