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Black Orchid

  Paphiopedilum Wardii or black orchid, as it is known among Myanmar researchers, was named after the botanist cum writer Mr. Kingdon Ward, who discovered it on a mountain range to the northeast of Putao in Kachin State in 1922. He planned to send the plant to the Botanical Association for identification, but it had strangely disappeared and could not be found again until 1931. It was recognized by the International Botany Association in 1937 as a new orchid species.

Paphiopedilum is normally a ground orchid flourishing well in cold climates and hilly regions. It is estimated that there are about eleven sub-species in Myanmar alone, though only eight has been recorded. Kachin State is the only area in the world where the rare, beautiful orchid can be found. Visitors to Mt. Kakaborazi should look out for the rare orchid.