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Padauk (Flower of Myanmar Rosewood / Padauk)

  This is a deciduous hardwood tree. In about April, the Rosewood trees bear sprays of golden yellow flowers after a short drizzle. Each tree bears flowers 3 to 5 times in its season. The tree thrives in silted sandy soil where water does not lodge.

It grows throughout the country. The flower is regarded as romantic because of its golden colour and its blooming season which coincides with Myanmar 's New Year.

It is a seasonal flower of the month of Tagu. It was widely distributed in the tropics and also found in South Africa. It has large, pinnate leaves and is usually deciduous in the dry season, the flowers opening before the foliage develops.

The flowers are pea-like, scented, small but brightly colored in shades of yellow and orange and are borne in racemes.