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Idian Jujube (Zedaw)

  The jujube is believed to be of African origin and is a hardy species tolerating extreme temperature and dry conditions. It is grown mostly in central Myanmar regions.

The fruit is yellowish to reddish brown in colour, with a single stone like a cherry. The edible pulp is slightly sweet. The fruit can be eaten fresh, used to make drinks, candy or syrup, or preserved by drying. It can be dried, powdered and mixed with jaggery as a sweetmeat.

Unripe fruit can be used in jams, jellies, chutneys and pickles; they are reported to have a high content of vitamin C, of the order of 76 mg per 100 g of edible portion. Young leaves are cooked as vegetable or used as fodder. The tree is used as a host tree for rearing useful insects, and harvested to prepare shellac.