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Banana (Hnget pyaw)
There are few villages without clumps of bananas waving their windmill-like leaves from corners of gardens and sombre monasteries. Hands of bananas, betel leaves and other fruit, are included in offertories arranged in bowls.

Durian (du_yin)
The durian's appearance is as characteristic as its smell. It is a large round or ovoid fruit up to 25 cm long and 20 cm in diameter and may reach a weight of 5 kg. Its green skin is covered with an amour of thickly-set, sharp-pointed spikes about 1.5 cm long.

Idian Jujube (Zedaw)
The fruit is yellowish to reddish brown in colour, with a single stone like a cherry. The edible pulp is slightly sweet. The fruit can be eaten fresh, used to make drinks, candy or syrup, or preserved by drying. It can be dried, powdered and mixed with jaggery as a sweetmeat.

Mango ( Tharyet)
But one day a mango fell into a river from a tree and floated away unnoticed by the monkeys. A hunter salvaged the mango from the river, tasted it and immediately ran back to his village shouting that he had found the fruit the angels eat.

Mangosteen (Mingut)
Within the rind are 5 or more segments of delicate, translucent white pulp, with a flavour compared to a blend of grapes and strawberries. This highly praised fruit is mostly eaten fresh and only occasionally preserved.

Papaya (Thinnbaw)
The papaya or paw paw probably originated in tropical America but is now cultivated in many regions of Myanmar.The papaya is mainly water and free sugar with little or no starch. The fruit is of low acidity and is remarkably free from fibre.

Pineapple (Narnat)
Fresh pineapple is greatly appreciated as a refreshing snack or as a dessert, and the juice is prepared as a delicious drink. Other products prepared from pineapple include fruit salad, sugar syrup, alcohol and citric acid.

Star Fruit (Zaung_yar)
The fruit is ovoid and angular, 10-12 cm long, with a deeply-ribbed, five angled surface and a golden semi-transparent, waxy skin. It is very juicy and has a sweet-acid flavour.

Tangerine ( Orange )
The tangerine is cultivated in highland areas such as the Shan State, eastern Myanmar and the Chin state in western Myanmar.