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Star Fruit (Zaung_yar)


The star fruit is cultivated as an orchard crop for use in preserves and beverages. The fruit is ovoid and angular, 10-12 cm long, with a deeply-ribbed, five angled surface and a golden semi-transparent, waxy skin. It is very juicy and has a sweet-acid flavour.

The fruit is eaten fresh, used fresh in salads, drinks, jam and jelly. An excellent drink can be prepared by grating the pulp of star fruit into sugared water or by soaking thin slices of the fruit in sugared water overnight. It is also used for pickles, curries, chutney and preserves in syrup and also used to clean metal and to remove stains. The fruit has a very high content of vitamin C as well as an appreciable provitamin A, and is used in traditional medicines.