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In ancient times, Myanmar was called Thuwunna Bhumi, Land of Gold , and gold can be found in many parts of Myanmar . Since 1900 foreign prospectors been able to dig for gold with dredges, and a primary gold deposit has been found in Kawlin Township , Sagaing Division. It is estimated that about 6 million tons of gold ores can be mined from the deposit. A gold nugget weighing 3.421 ounces was found there and is displayed at the Gems Museum in Yangon.

Gold in Myanmar was traditionally regarded as a royal material, and it was used to make jewelry and utensils for the royal court. Myanmar Buddhists apply gold plate and gold foil to pagodas and Buddha statues to show their reverence, as is evidenced by the many golden pagodas throughout the nation. Many Myanmar people save gold, and popular saying about gold is: "When you are in need it's your meal; when you are sufficient, it's your ornament."

Myanmar has a traditional scale to weigh gold which ranges from yway-lay to kyat-thar. The purity of gold is expressed in karats on a scale of 24. Pure gold is 24 karat, and an alloy containing 75% gold would be described as 18 karat gold. But Myanmar people measured the purity, or pe-yay of gold, and pure gold is said to be 16 pe-yay.

Gold production

A global gold vein penetrates in the northern part of Myanmar , at the Hukong Valley in we stern Kachin State and the Ayeyarwaddy and Chindwin Rivers . The vein passes through the Rakhine mountain ranges down into the Indian Ocean. Small pieces and particles of gold are naturally found by panning in many locations in Myanmar.

Myanmar gold can be found at Thabeikkyin Township, Pyinmana Township and Sintgy Township in the Mandalay Division; Kawlin Township in the Sagaing Division; Myitkyina Township in the Kachin State; Kalaw Township in the Shan State; and in the Kokang Region.

At present, joint ventures with foreign companies have been formed to explore for gold.