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Gems & Jewelries


Color Stones
Ornamental stones are highly valued if beautiful designs and quality workmanship are combined as intrinsic works of art.Coloured stones occurring in Myanmar include almandine, pyrite, spivel, tourmaline (rubellite), moonstones, amber, topaz and zircon.

Perfect emerald rings are expensive and extremely rare. Color is the most important aspect when buying emeralds. Emeralds that are not too dark or too light with a deep, vivid green are the most expensive. However, all shades of emeralds are popular.

The vein passes through the Rakhine mountain ranges down into the Indian Ocean. Small pieces and particles of gold are naturally found by panning in many locations in Myanmar.

Jade comes in different color tones, including white and green colour combinations. Nephrite jade is yellowish green in colour but sometimes comes in a whitish colour. Nephrite jade found in Myanmar is considered much better than similar jade from other countries.

Nawarat Ring
The ring must be then worn correctly. The emerald is kept as close to one's side as possible, and the diamond as far away as possible for the wearer to receive the cooling and calming effect of the diamond.

Pearls can be black, brown, gray, rose, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and white, and the most valuable pearls are a white and silvery color and known as white saltwater pearls.

It is also believed rubies can remove evil thoughts, and the lucky owner of a fine ruby is said to be assured of a life of peace.

Sapphires tend to be more popular among older women, who buy the stones to make rings and earrings. Blue sapphires represent peace and coolness, so older people like to wear them.