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Jade, composed of chromium possessing luster, can generally be categorized into two types: jadeite and nephrite jade. Jade can fetch high prices depending upon the quality, color and luster, and the most prized is imperial jade.

Jade comes in different color tones, including white and green colour combinations. Nephrite jade is yellowish green in colour but sometimes comes in a whitish colour. Nephrite jade found in Myanmar is considered much better than similar jade from other countries.

Location of Jade Production

Phar Kant, a major jade production area, is in the Myitkyina District of Kachin State, about 600 miles north of Yangon. Private mining companies dig in every available space using drills, bulldozers and other tools.

The Emporium of Myanmar Gems, Jade and Pearl

The Gems Emporia have been held annually since 1964 and occasionally more than once in a year.