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  Like other stones, sapphires have their own meaning and uses in different countries. Sapphires have traditionally been considered good protection against evil and misfortune. They were called "Victory stones" in medieval Europe , and people of the Middle and Far East believe sapphires will bring good fortune to the wearer.

Most of Myanmar 's sapphires are found at Mogok and Mongmit in the Mandalay Division. They come in a wide range of blue shades, with dark velvet blue and sky blue fetching the highest prices.

Sapphires tend to be more popular among older women, who buy the stones to make rings and earrings. Blue sapphires represent peace and coolness, so older people like to wear them.

In Myanmar 's retail gem market, sapphires are second only to rubies in trade volume. The price of sapphires varies according to their quality, and there are only a few sapphires of good quality available on the market.