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Physical Feature


The topography of Myanmar can be divided into three parts: the Western Hills Region, the Central Valley Region and the Eastern Hills Region. The Western Hills Region, linked with the Himalayan Range , consists of Mt. Kakaborazi in the northernmost part of the country, which is 19,296 feet high and the tallest peak in Southeast Asia. Another peak in the range is Sarameti that rises 12,553 feet. Low mountains in the southern part of the Western Hills Region are known as the Rakhine Yoma ranges and extend to the Bay of Bengal. The Rakhine Yoma ranges serve as a barrier between Myanmar and India.

The Central Valley Region consists of the broadest valley of the Ayeyawady, the longest river in Myanmar that flows about 1,250 miles (2,010 km) down the middle of the country to the Bay of Bengal. The Region also includes Sittaung and Chindwin Valleys. In the centre lie the small mountain ranges such as Zeebyu, Minwun, Hman-kin and Gangaw. There is also the low mountain range of Bago Yoma that slopes down to south.

The Eastern Hills Region that separates Myanmar from Thailand , Laos , and China includes the Shan Plateau, which rises an average of 3,000 feet above sea-level. The rivers of Shweli, Myitnge, Zawgyi and Pan-laung, which have their sources at the Shan Plateau, flow into the River Ayeyawady.