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Amazing Pagodas


Yangon Division
Queen Shin Saw Pu, the grand daughter of Banya U, had the pagoda enlarged and raised. She was the first Queen who donated and gilded the pagoda with gold equal to her weight.

Mandalay Division
The original image was made out of alloy but fine foils of gold were gilded on and it now weighs over a ton. The golden crown of the image is decorated with diamonds, jade, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

The Ananda Temple is one of King Kyansitta's enormous accomplishments. The structure of this temple has a tall arched small room or alcove on four sides.

Ayeyarwaddy Division
The King of Celestial Beings and Celestial Being Withukyon were asked by Lord Buddha to undertake the task.Firstly, they cast the Maha Myatmuni Statue out of bronze and then they used extra bronze to cast another three images.

Bago Division
Actually, the pagoda comprises of the four huge sitting back to back posture images of Buddha encompassing the four directions. It is located on the off Yangon-Bago highway near Bago.

Magway Division
It was believed that Buddha, along with Shin Thariputara, Shin Moggalana, Shin Ananda, Shin Konna Dhana, Shin Maha Ponna and 500 follower monks visited this site in 601BC.

Mon State
A pagoda was built by a hermit named Teiktha (or Buddha Nyana) and enshrined with one of the three hair relics of Buddha. He built the pagoda on Zingyaik Hill where he lived.

Monyin Sayadaw was a famous monk whose life-like effigy can be seen nearby. The uniquely shaped pagoda is the only one of its kind in Myanmar. A variety of local fruits is made from masonry to become objects of veneration.

Kachin State
In the north is a Gonaguna Buddha image, a king of nats, and wuns. In the south is a Kasapha Buddha, Wathondaray the guardian of earth and the figure of a lion. In the south is of Gautama Buddha, a figure of an ogre, and a king of tigers.

Shan State
The Phaung-Daw-Oo pagoda (pagoda on the big raft) is enshrined with five Buddha images which are celebrated in an annual festival in Thadingyut (October).

Sagaing Division
Although the construction of the pagoda was initiated on the fifth waxing day of Tabodwe of 1152 Myanmar Era (AD1790), but it could not be finished because of a prophesy read that the country would break up once the pagoda was completed.

Those who succeeded him shifted the capital to Central Myanmar, and most of the other royal monuments and pagodas were left behind and neglected.

There are two pavilions at this pagoda, one with a reclining Buddha encircled by devas, and the other with a huge seated bronze Buddha which was donated by a devotee.