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About Tipitaka Sayadaws
Tipitaka Selection Examination is the most extensive, most difficult, profound and highest test known. No one passed any of the categories in 1948 when it was first held in Yangon.

Outside the Buddhist lent, hundreds of small fetes are held all over the country in honour of the spirits while the bigger ones are held annually in Mount Popa and Taung Byone.

International Buddhist Institutes
International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
Sitagu International Buddhist Centre
Mahasantisukha Buddhist Missionary Centre

Meditation Centres
Practiced with diligence, the gradual process of mental purification will lead the student to the end of suffering and to full enlightenment or Nibbana.

Monasteries and Nunneries
1. Shwehintha Tawya Taik, Nyaungdon
2. Ponnarama Zay Kyaungtaik, Nyaungdon
3. Maung Htaung Kyaungtaik, Pathein

Other Religions
But freedom of belief is practiced as evidenced by the existence of numerous religious buildings of different beliefs in large cities and small towns.

Other Religious Sites
Sree Sree Siva Krishna
141, Pansodan Street

Therawada Buddhism in Myanmar
Theravada, which means the Way of the Elders, was the original school and Mahayana, which emerged later, differs in many aspects.

Tipitaka in Myanmar (Doctrine)
The three baskets are: the Basket of Discipline (Vinaya Pitaka), the Basket of Discourses (Sutta Pitaka), and the Basket of Ultimate Things (Abhidhamma Pitaka).

Venerable Sayadaws
The practice of Vipassana or insight meditation is the effort made by the meditator to understand correctly the nature of psycho-physical phenomena taking place in his own body with a view to positive realization of the truths of impermanence.