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Lifestyles and Activities


In the Myanmar calendar, the eighth day is added in the middle of the week where 'Wednesday evening' is named "Yahu". However, Yahu is not considered as a significant day of week and thus not included on many official calendars.

A Buddhist's Life
A Buddhist child may wake up each day to the sound of his parents or grandparents at prayer at the break of day, offering a meal to the Buddha through His image, reciting scriptures in His honour and sharing merits.

Monk Cremation Ceremony (Phone Gyi Pyan)
People from far and near throng to attend the funeral procession. In rural areas, some form of entertainment usually accompanies the occasion in order to attract or please the visitors.

Mythical Creatures
As in Greek mythology, Myanmar has a number of its own mythical creatures that either resembles a real-life animal, or an imaginary one having a single combined form of several animals.

These numbers are not necessarily attached to any good or bad luck, but when people do something good or meritorious, they call to mind certain numbers that are associated with a positive meaning.

Boys aged between 9 and 12 are beautifully dressed in princely attire that can be attributed to the fact that the Buddha's son had been a prince himself.

This is a famous one-stop market for arts and handicraft, gems and jewellery, hand-woven fabrics and traditional costumes as well as other souvenirs that are truly characteristic of Myanmar.

Although to some people, superstitions may not make sense, they are still interesting in the way they have evolved in different cultures and well worth studying.

Tattoo means the act or practice of marking the skin with indelible pictures or patterns by puncturing it and inserting pigments.

Ways of Love
People mention the 528 ways of love to indicate pure, selfless, platonic love between two human beings, and the 1,500 ways refer to love of a passionate and selfish nature especially between man and woman.

After the master of ceremonies has formally announced the couple as husband and wife, the guests feast on refreshments while the music plays on.

Zodiac Signs
Myanmar zodiac signs are very similar to those of the Greek zodiac, possibly because astronomy spread to Myanmar from neighboring India.