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As in other cultures, Myanmar people have their own beliefs and superstitions concerning numbers. Religious concepts also play a part in avoiding or embracing certain numbers. Buddhist scriptures involve certain numbers like Triple Gems, Five Greatest Benefactors, Ten Perfections, Nine Virtues of the Buddha, Four Noble Truths, and Eight Righteous Ways to Nibbana (Nirvana.)

These numbers are not necessarily attached to any good or bad luck, but when people do something good or meritorious, they call to mind certain numbers that are associated with a positive meaning. Some people are inspired by a particular number such as their date of birth while others have an unreasonable fear that certain numbers like '10' will bring them bad luck.

Now an increasing number of people, especially urban folk, are influenced by the Western belief that '7' stands for good luck, while '13' stands for bad. Such superstitions are not deep-rooted among Myanmar people and there is no official forbearance on any particular number.