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  Yangon is the capital of Myanmar. It is the biggest and most populated city, a major port and trading centre, and home to a blend of diverse cultures, customs and peoples. There are a variety of markets, plazas, supermarkets, marts, malls, stores, roadside shops and even street peddlers, providing a paradise for passionate shoppers who can find every kind of local product as well as imported foreign items.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

This is a famous one-stop market for arts and handicraft, gems and jewellery, hand-woven fabrics and traditional costumes as well as other souvenirs that are truly characteristic of Myanmar. It is a must-stop shopping site for every visitor who takes an interest in Myanmar culture.


Situated in the upper Myanmar, Mandalay is the second biggest city in the country and an ancient capital of Myanmar, where the last King of Myanmar ruled. For several decades, Mandalay has been the centre of Myanmar arts and culture and biggest producer of and market for arts and handicraft.

Zay Cho

The famous market of Mandalay provides many local and foreign products, and serves as a one-stop shopping centre for every visitor.

Nya Zay

Nya Zay means evening market, and a variety of products are for sale at very reasonable prices. This is the place for budget tourist seeking interesting items.

Country-side Markets

Although every big town in Myanmar has an established market or markets of its own, the smaller rural towns and villages do not have permanent market sites. Instead, they have road-side or every-five-day markets commonly seen in the Shan State. One of the best known is the floating market at Inlay Lake, where both buyers and sellers trade from rowing boats.