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  People and cultures throughout the world have their own different sets of superstitions. Although to some people, superstitions may not make sense, they are still interesting in the way they have evolved in different cultures and well worth studying. A lot can be learnt about people from differentcultures and their way of thinking through their superstitions.

The following Myanmar superstitions give some insight into the Myanmar people themselves and the challenge is to read between the lines to get a greater understanding of the meaning.

  • Don't keep a broken glass or a mirror in homes. Replace the window panes as
        soon as possible if broken.

  • Don't leave a shoe or a slipper upside down. It will cause bad luck.

  • Don't wash your hair within a week after a funeral in the neighbourhood.

  • Don't hit the pot with a ladle after you stir the curry. It is like hitting your
        parents' head.

  • Don't hit the pot with a ladle after you stir the curry. It is like hitting your
        parents' head.

  • Don't clip your nails at night. Ghosts don't like that.
  • Don't take kids to dark places. Ghosts may possess them.

  • Carrying some hairs of an elephant tail will avoid evil.

  • Don't go underneath a staircase. You will lose your power.

  • Don't go under a pole or rope women used to hang-dry their longyis. You will lose
        your will power.

  • Don't feed someone with the palm upward. The food might cause you disorder.