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Traditions & Lifestyles


Activities and Lifestyles
Don't go under a pole or rope women used to hang-dry their longyis. You will lose your will power.

Traditional Games
It was one of the eighteen compulsory specializations of royal princes in ancient times, and it served well in nation building and defense but it declined during the colonial days after the country had lost its independence.

Myanmar Handymade Toys
Cute facial aspects are then drawn or painted on the owls. These golden owls are the favourite not just of children but also of adults who proudly display them in their living rooms.

Myanmar Traditional Foods
Forks and spoons, but not knives, are permitted and have become popular. The elderly and the guests are given priority by letting them take the curry first.

Traditional Medicine
This toy is weighed down with clay stuck inside the base. It is fun for the kids to roll them about and see them always stand upright.