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The site will contain huge amounts of data on its kin, its lovely vacationer goals, where to proceed to eat, which grocery stores offer the best costs, etc.  

Traditions & Lifestyles


Activities and Lifestyles
Try not to go under a shaft or rope ladies used to hang-dry their longyis. You will lose your determination.

Traditional Games
It was one of the eighteen obligatory specializations of regal rulers in antiquated occasions, and it served well in country building and barrier however it declined during the provincial days after the nation had lost its freedom.

Myanmar Handymade Toys
Adorable facial angles are then drawn or painted on the owls. These brilliant owls are the most loved of youngsters as well as of grown-ups who gladly show them in their family rooms.

Myanmar Traditional Foods
Forks and spoons, yet not blades, are allowed and have gotten well known. The old and the visitors are given need by letting them take the curry first.

Traditional Medicine
This toy is burdened with earth stuck inside the base. It is a good time for the children to move them about and see them generally stand upstanding.