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Htote Si Htoe


Htote Si Toe or a border-crossing game is a pure Myanmar traditional past-time game played by young people of both sexes. It originated long ago in rural areas but has been enjoyed by both rural and urban children alike.

A table has to be drawn on the ground marking in it borders such as top, middle, axis and diagonal. The players are divided into two teams, with the players of one team staying on, and moving along, the borders while those of the other team try to cross the lines without being caught or touched by the opposition players.

The winning team is decided by whether it can successfully protect the borders or cross every line from start to finish then back to the starting point. The game involves much physical activity as one team of players has to block the border lines while the other team members have to run across them. Sharpness of eyesight, smart decisions and rapid movements as well as team spirit are crucial to the game.

The game has become less common in big cities as the children have turned to more modern pursuits.