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Traditional Games


Boat Racing
The monarchs also sponsored boat races which were usually held around September because of the favourable weather and river conditions, and that tradition has been handed down through the ages.

Chin Lone
The main object of chinlon is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible by tossing it with all parts of the body except the hands.

Htote Si Htoe
The players are divided into two teams, with the players of one team staying on, and moving along, the borders while those of the other team try to cross the lines without being caught or touched by the opposition players.

Kick Boxing
The best blows include high kicks to the neck, elbows jabbed into the face and head, knees thrust into the ribs, and low kicks to the calves.

Kyat Pha Khut
The game resembles real cock-fighting, hence the name, and the players act like gamecocks themselves.

Myanmar Thaing
The Institute provides training to members of the People's Police Force, the Armed Forces, and students in primary and secondary schools.