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Myanmar Thaing


Like many Asian countries, Myanmar has its own martial arts that have been well established for centuries and handed down though from generations.

Myanmar Thaing, or Myanmar traditional martial arts, originated more than two thousand years ago during the reign of King Okkalapa, who ruled Dagon, the old city of Yangon. Myanmar Thaing has been an official art of self-defense cherished and practised among warriors of the royal army through different eras and dynasties. It was one of the eighteen compulsory specializations of royal princes in ancient times, and it served well in nation building and defense but it declined during the colonial days after the country had lost its independence.

After independence Myanmar Thaing was revived by patriotic professionals and the Myanmar Thaing Institute in Yangon was established in 1958 by the world-class weight lifter U Zaw Wait. The aims of the Institute are to preserve and promulgate the methods, techniques and characteristics of Myanmar Thaing, to provide training to younger generations so that they can defend themselves as well as their country, and to promote the health and self-confidence of the individuals. The Institute provides training to members of the People's Police Force, the Armed Forces, and students in primary and secondary schools. It also organizes competitions at the ministry level, state and division level, and the national level with the support and encouragement of the Government.