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The Kachin live in the northernmost locale of Myanmar flanking India and Tibet , a region containing probably the most noteworthy mountains in South East Asia including Mt. Kakaborazi, Myanmar 's tallest pinnacle.

The Kachin and all the sub-bunches initially relocated from Yunnan region in south-west China and involved the extraordinary tract of slope nation in northern Myanmar around the headwaters of the Chindwin and Ayeyawaddy Rivers. It is accepted the Kachins were among the remainder of the Tibeto-Burman people groups to move into the nation.

The Kachin are prestigious for their weaving aptitudes. A woven shoulder pack and a silver sword in a sheath are fundamental segments of an ordinary Kachin man's dress while ladies adorn themselves with flatware that covers half of their middles.

The Kachin have their own composed language dependent on Roman letters in order. Most Kachin changed over to Christianity during the only remaining century, however soul revere is as yet saw in certain zones.

The Kachin praise various fetes and celebrations however the Manao celebration is the greatest and most significant yearly festival where all Kachin eagerly partake.